Home Shopping Catalogues

Home shopping catalogues are the perfect alternative to the stress and travel of shopping in stores. With home shopping, you can examine from a wide variety of merchandise from the comfort of your own home. You don’t need to worry about whether the store will carry the product that you need, because if one retailer doesn’t carry the product, another probably will. Online stores make shopping from your home easy and convenient, turning what can be a frustrating experience into a relaxing one.

Available both in print and online, catalogues list a large number of products that the retailer is selling. The products may be available in a variety of sizes, colours, or versions as well. You simply look through the print version or browse the store’s website in your own time. This allows you to relax and find the best deal on the product for which you are searching. If you prefer to look through an actual catalogue but don’t know where to get one, simply navigate to the retailer’s website and search for the option to be sent a catalogue. When you find what you want, you complete a simple order form in print or online, and choose a payment method. Once it receives your order and payment, the retailer ships your products to you. Some stores offer the option of having the order shipped to a central pick-up point to make the experience more convenient for customers who work all day or who don’t feel safe having packages left at their home addresses.

Clothing stores vary greatly from one another. Some are targeted at women, others at men. Some sell only clothing, while others offer home furnishings, electricals, toys, and jewellery as well. Certain clothes catalogues offer a very specific type of merchandise, such as home furnishings or lingerie, while others focus on very specific demographics, such as full-figured women over the age of 50.

Fashion retailers offer a variety of different payment methods to make the transaction as easy as possible for their customers. Many fashion catalogues accept major credit cards. Some also offer personal accounts for customers. Personal accounts allow customers to spread out the cost of a purchase over a specified length of time. Similarly, certain catalogues also offer a buy now, pay later option, which allows customers who purchase a certain amount of merchandise to make payments on the merchandise over time rather than paying for it up front. Many shopping catalogues that offer a buy now, pay later option also offer customers an interest-free grace period of up to 12 months, making the purchase more affordable for the customer.

A common type of buy now pay later store is the women’s catalogue. These generally offer a variety of clothing in various styles, from casual to dressy. Most women’s stores are targeted at a certain type of woman. For example, Very.co.uk offers stylish, dressy clothing, shoes, and accessories for fashion-conscious women. Very.co.uk is particularly notable as a retailer of clothing appropriate for parties, going so far as to offer a “partywear” category on its online catalogue. This shopping catalogue also offers products that fit its style in the home and lifestyle categories.

Other women’s shopping retailers include those aimed at mature women and those that offer plus-size fashions. Lookagain offers clothing, lingerie, and shoes designed for women over 50, along with a variety of other products including home items and gifts. This shopping catalogue features a wide variety of women’s outerwear, along with partywear and other items for the fashion-forward mature woman.

A wide variety of online shops target the plus-size woman. Each merchant provides a different selection of merchandise and focuses on a different aspect of the shopping experience.

Men who want to purchase clothing from online retailers also have a wide variety to choose from, including Burton and Topman. All of these mens catalogues cater to big & tall shoppers, but all offer a variety of menswear.

Another subset of mens catalogues, such as Littlewoods, K & Co, Very, Freemans, and Isme, offer a full range of products, from clothing for men, women and children to electricals, home furnishings, sports, entertainment, gifts and jewellery, beauty products and toys. All but Freemans also tout a buy now, pay later option.