Argos Catalogue

With the buy now pay later Argos option you can have many of the items on offer and pay in an easy way. Argos is a leading retailer for household items and electronics. Items can be found in the following categories; clothing, kitchen and laundry, home and furniture, garden and DIY, sports and leisure, health and personal care, home and entertainment, video games, office, PCs and phones and photography. The list of items is very extensive. Argos shoppers can apply for an Argos card that allows them to make easier purchases on credit.

Buy now pay later at Argos
Argos buy now pay later option allows shoppers with an Argos card to take items for a promotional period and pay for them at the end of this period with no interest. Argos has categorised items into price ranges with each having a different period. Higher priced good get a longer promotional period. The minimum amount allowed for this option to be in place is £99. The period allowed with this amount is 3 months. For £199 or more the period is 6 months, for £199 or more spent on furniture 12 months are allowed, and the same period for £299 or more spent on large kitchen appliances. For TVs £499 or more allows you 12 months. With any amount above £250 spent on jewellery, 12 months are interest free. If you buy a fitted kitchen, you get up to 2 years to make interest free payments. If you are unable to settle in cash at the end of the promotional period, you can spread costs further.

Spreading the cost
At Argos, spreading the cost on items is allowed at the rate of 4% monthly minimum payment on the balance plus any fees incurred. The applicable APR is 29.9% with interest calculated from date of purchase.