Boden – Home Shopping Catalogue Review

The UK catalogue Boden is one of the most inclusive catalogues that a shopper can get. There is something for everyone; men, women, children and even babies. This catalogue has a category even for expectant mothers they call beautiful bumps. Online shopping makes for very good shopping experience. One is able to compare items and prices from different angles. At Boden, there is a wide range of products that the shopper is spoilt for choice. A shopper can go online and pick items from the site or alternatively, request for a printed catalogue. This makes shopping from home at Boden one very relaxed and enjoyable affair.

The Boden brand has a very wide collection of clothing for all people and all ages. There is clothing for all situations and environments; office wear, party wear, garden wear, sports wear and even night wear. This online catalogue has a teenage category which is uncommon with other catalogues. There is also a baby category which is also rare with online catalogues. This makes Boden a one stop shop for all clothing needs for the family. Different brands and fashion labels are in stock with all trends in place. The spring wear for 2012 is now in stores.

If you are over 18, possess a valid credit card and have a valid address, you qualify to have a personal credit account with Boden. Credit accounts are one of the wonderful features of catalogue shops. With a personal credit account, you stand to benefit the advantage of credit buying. This makes items more affordable for you without straining the pocket. The credit account allows for multiple shopping without entering details over and over, repeated validations and checks. With a Boden personal credit account, you just log in and do your shopping. A statement will come to you at the end of every 28 days telling you how much you owe and when to pay. An arrangement with the sales department can allow you to spread the cost of your purchases. This gives you the allowance to pay for an item in small bits. Being a personal account holder at Boden also qualifies you for their many discounts and bargains.

As with major online shopping catalogues, you can pay for your items with the major debit or credit cards. An account holder is also able to stretch payments over a period of time in instalments. This makes shopping at Boden very affordable and less straining on the pocket. With the current economic hardships, it is no doubt that many shoppers could do with a reprieve on expensive payments. Paying in small bits gives a chance to get high priced items in an affordable way.

Online catalogues are known for great prices and bargains. Boden has a 50% discount on menswear. There is also a clearance sale going on with discounts of up to 60% on items. Shopping at Boden at these great prices is a very good experience.