IPad 3’s are very popular among the tech savvy community this day in time. However, some people are under the assumption that they will be able to purchase an iPad 3 on credit with no credit check. But, the reality of the matter is, this is not really a possibility as all stores will do a credit check and are required to do to do so by law. The good news is there are ways that one can improve their chances of getting accepted such as by applying for credit from a catalogue rather than any other stores such as Currys or Comet.

Do Your Research
If an iPad 3 is something that you really need to have but you know your credit is not in its best possible state it can be a good idea to do some research on the places that you are considering purchasing this tech product from. First, you will want to find out what their approval rates are and you will also want to know what their terms and conditions are. Not to mention the fact if you have any friends or family members who own an iPad 3 and do not have good credit you may want to check with them to see who was able to help them buy their device on credit despite their situation. Lastly, you will also want to call around to the different places you are considering or look online and see what criteria’s they have in place.

Overall, you are not going to be able to get finance on an iPad 3 without having a credit check done. However, even if your credit is not in the best possible state it does not mean that you need to give up trying to obtain the iPad 3.