Freemans – Home Shopping Catalogue Review

Online shopping at Freemans is a breeze and hassle free. With great range of items to choose from, Freemans gives the online shopper a great shopping experience. Freemans’ catalogue is for the whole family. Men, women and kids have something they can pick from the Freemans catalogue. The women have a larger share in the catalogue with more clothing and more discounts on prices. The Freemans catalogue also gives the shopper great bargains on prices and delivery. For those who love online shopping, this category gives top quality in their range of items to pick from.

The Freemans catalogue is very extensive, with all home needs considered. The clothing section is the biggest in the catalogue. Sportswear, nightwear, office clothing, and jeans are well represented with all sizes and ages in mind. They also have a great collection of accessories; belts, watches, cufflinks etc. Women will love the jewellery in the catalogue. Kids have their own category which includes clothing, jewellery and gaming equipment and gear. Sports and leisure is also a category on its own with sportswear, fitness equipment and bikes thrown in. This is a very considerate catalogue, given that if you have a need for example gaming, you get all you need in one category. The electricals section has home electronics and extras like cameras and SatNavs. The home and garden section has equipment for use around the house and the compound. A gifts category completes the picture. This catalogue is very exhaustive.

Like many online catalogues, it is possible to have an account with Freemans. This account saves you the trouble of filling details again and again when you want to shop on their site. Credit accounts give their holders a multitude of benefits. They qualify the holder for discounts and bargains and easy payment options. For an account with Freemans, a valid credit/ debit card is required. One must also be at a verifiable address and be over 18 years of age. Statements are generated at the end of the month for account holders detailing transactions done and amounts owed.

Freemans have a very flexible payment plan for account holder. A shopper can opt to spread costs for an item over a period of up to one year. The shopper can also opt to buy and pay later even after a whole year interest free. Payments are as little as £7 or 5% of the item’s cost. This is a good bargain which is very easy on the pockets of many shoppers.

With great prices and discounts, Freemans is a very affordable catalogue. Computers and furniture attract a 20% discount. They have a deal of the week offer of Buy one get one, Buy 3 for 2 and save £5 for 2 cushions. Shoppers also get free delivery if they pick up their items from the nearest collect+ depot. Next day delivery is available for a charge of £3.50. This makes for a wholesome shopping experience.