Furniture Village – Home Furniture Catalogue

Furniture Village, the home furniture shopping catalogue offer great deals on sofas, chairs, beds, wardrobes and dining tables. Sometimes, getting a new piece of furniture is essential, but a new sofa or bed or arm chair could cost you an arm or a leg (or both) up front. If you need some new seats for your home, Furniture Village’s buy now pay later plans give the consumer the power to get that new chair or couch while paying a fraction of the total cost each month, making the purchase much more manageable. The catalogues buy now pay later option is a great alternative for anyone who might be a little strapped for cash, but as circumstances would have it, are in need of a new piece of furniture.

Buy now pay later Furniture Village purchases are eligible for up to 3 years 0% APR interest free credit. To receive interest free credit, all customers need to do is choose the interest-free credit option when checking out. You can find this option in your basket. You can also get interest free credit in store by letting a sales consultant know. The same applies if you are ordering a buy now pay later Furniture Village item over the phone.

Payments for Furniture Village buy now pay later items are made at the end of each month. Depending on the amount you deposit when buying the item, you will pay more or less at the end of each month. So if you put a 25% deposit down on an item costing £400, you would pay £50 each month, as opposed to if you only put a 10% deposit down, where you would pay £60 each month. This grants customers flexibility in how much they would like to pay for their item. The Furniture Village buy now pay later plan allows people on any budget to get the furniture that they need.