House of Bath – Home Shopping Catalogue

The House of Bath catalogue is the ultimate in online shopping for home items, equipment and appliances. The catalogue is unique in dealing with home items as the range of products is wide and exhaustive. Every room around the house can practically be furnished and made functional by shopping from the House of Bath catalogue. Textiles, DIY tools, electronics and other items needed around the house and outdoors, are available in the catalogue. For shoppers who like doing their shop at one go, the House of Bath catalogue is the ultimate in home shopping.

Few online catalogues can match the House of Bath product range. Items, equipment and appliances for every room in the house and the garden are available. The furniture category has furniture for every room; beds, sofa sets, dining tables and chairs, footstools, drawers and shelves are in stock. The home decor category has writing, wall paper and art, candles and candleholders, artificial plants, lighting, and vases among others. The home textiles are beddings, curtains and blinds, and soft furnishings. There is a home wares section which has appliances for the bathroom, kitchen ware, and table wares. For home solutions there are DIY tools, cleaning solutions, pest solutions, home security equipment, and laundry. There is also an outdoors category which has garden equipment, garden furniture, fencing and floors, sheds and outbuildings. For electricals, a shopper can get DVDs, Cameras, audio equipment, SatNavs, computers, and other home electronics. For clothing, the House of Bath has clothing for everyone; men women and children.

Opening a personal credit account at House of Bath is a very good option for online shoppers. It makes repeated shopping at the online catalogue. Credit is also available starting at £100. Once a shopper has made a purchase at House of bath, the details are kept such that the shopper does not have to fill them all over again. Credit accounts have the advantage of qualifying the shopper for numerous bargains and discounts. They also give you affordability and flexibility in payment. To open a personal credit account, a valid credit or debit will be needed along with a valid address. The shopper has to be over 18 too.

A credit account has the benefit of giving flexibility in payments. For large purchases that the shopper may find unaffordable at one go, House of Bath gives the allowance to spread costs. Arrangements with the sales team will see minimum monthly payments go as low as £5. This makes shopping a breeze and very easy on the finances.

First time and existing shoppers are eligible for a promotion code which marks them for a discount. Shoppers are allowed a 28 day trial period during which they can test the suitability of a purchase. If it does not meet their tastes and standards, they are free to return it. Delivery is done by courier at home or work making shopping at House of Bath a secure experience.