Perfect Home is a home items dealer stocking furniture, electronics and various appliances. For home shopping needs this site offers items at attractive credit terms. They boast that they are never beaten in pricing. The site is well presented with items categorised into furniture, appliances, entertainment and computing. It is really easy to find items on the site. The site is uncluttered and has a simple attractive design that appeals to the eye.

Product list
Perfect Home are stockists of all kinds of home items. There is furniture; sofas, bedroom furniture, dining sets and occasionals. Under entertainment we have TVs, Blu rays and home cinema sets. Appliances are cookers, washers, dryers, freezers, fridges and dishwashers. The computing section has computers and gaming consoles.

With a flexible credit arrangement, pricing at Perfect Home is very fair to those with a limited budget. One can get a Panasonic 42 inch 3D TV at only £10.49 per week, a leather sofa at £5 per week or the PS3 at £5.78. Every item is fairly priced and it really is hard to see competing prices just as they boast on the site.

Payment plans
Shoppers at Perfect Home will be delighted to find they can make easy weekly payments. You can make them in cash or by credit or debit card. The cash payment option is especially favourable to those with a poor credit history. Unlike other sites, a deposit is not required. If you are aged 18 and over you can apply for an appointment or have the company call you to discuss the arrangement. Their 29.6% APR is below that of other dealers in home items. The credit arrangement is a reprieve to those whose pockets are not that accommodating. It gives affordability to otherwise expensive items. Customers who do not have a home contents cover are required to take an accidental damage and theft insurance cover.

Shoppers are challenged to find a cheaper similar item within a radius of five miles. If they do Perfect Home has offered to match the difference. This is just shows how confident they are on their pricing. Goods are also delivered free to the customer unlike other dealers who charge for standard delivery. Perfect Home offers Coverplus which is an arrangement on returns and warranty. An item that malfunctions during this guaranteed period can be repaired for free or returned and another issued. There are no hidden costs.
All in all shopping at Perfect Home is a hassle free affair. The site could organise the pricing details in a better manner. One has to look and scroll to get the details on cash price, the number of weeks to pay in and the total amount at the end of payments. The site has a simple and to the point presentation of items which some makes shopping a quick affair. The offer to leave your details and have a representative call you is also great. The great pricing of items is the main attraction in Perfect Home. It is a good shopping option for home needs.