If you have poor credit you may not qualify to buy a TV that requires a credit check. However, it may be possible to buy a TV on finance with no credit check. Some television retailers provide opportunities to purchase a TV without a credit check if you can provide proof of income. Retailers may need to see your photo ID and your most recent pay stub and bank statement. Once your proof of income has been verified you can be qualified for a spending limit. The amount of money you make each month determines your spending limit with a greater monthly income yielding a greater spending limit. Once you have your spending limit you can set up a finance plan to pay for your TV.

Other retailers may require a down payment up front to get a TV with no credit check. The down payment would be much less than paying the entire cost at once. It would also decrease your monthly payment amount as compared to making no payments up front.

Another possible way to get a TV with no credit check is to pay for it with a loan from a bank or lender. However, much like with the TV retailers you will need to show proof of income to qualify for a loan without a credit check, and the amount of money that you qualify for will depend on your net monthly income. You can use the loan to buy a TV but you will still have to set up a finance plan to make monthly payments to pay off the loan.
Remember that some sort of finance plan may be your only option to purchase a TV with no credit check. Thus, it is in your best interest to do some research ahead of time so you can figure out how to buy your TV with as little cost as possible.