Home shopping catalogues have long been a popular shopping place. There are many reasons why many people choose to go for items on a catalogue, chief among them being the picking of goods at your own pace. Many catalogues will happily send you a copy of their print catalogue for you to browse through. The catalogues describe the items in detail and have lots of information for the shopper. There are tips and adverts on upcoming products. Shoppers can keep up in fashion trends by going through these catalogues. Ease of payment is also another attraction by shopping catalogues with products being priced very affordably and having easy credit terms.
Some of the more popular shopping catalogues in the UK include;

This home shopping catalogue was previously known as Marshall Ward. It is a general home items catalogue having everything for all home needs. In this catalogue you will find clothing, home appliances, kitchen utensils, furniture, sports equipment and even electronics. There is virtually everything you would need for personal or family use. You will even have computers and SatNavs for your cars alongside video games. This extensive catalogue offers very good bargains on clothes and other home items. Seasonal sales attract discounts of up to 60% on some items while selected brands have up to 50% discounts.

This shopping catalogue is what became after the merger of Empire Stores, Kays and Great Universal. Each had been a great catalogue in its own right. K&Co. is also a general home items catalogue. Home and garden equipment and appliances, entertainment electronics, clothes, health and beauty items, gift and jewellery and even toys are on offer. This catalogue is very affordable with seasonal discounts going up to 60%. Outdoor equipment and furniture attract up to 50% discount and some electronics brands have 25% off.

The Littlewoods shopping catalogue is another general catalogue having a wide range of home items. The goods on offer range from kitchen appliances, entertainment electronics, gifts, jewellery, sports equipment, beauty products and toys. The clothes line up is for men, women and children. Bargains include seasonal offers of up to 60% discount, half price on outdoor items, and 25% off on electronics and half price for holidays. New shoppers get 10% on their first credit order.

This general shopping catalogue has an extensive range of home items on offer. Clothes for all, home and garden items, electronics, health and beauty items and much more are on offer. Bargains include 50% off on electronics, garden items and home textiles.