Very Shopping Catalogue

Very is a UK company that provides customers with fashionable clothes, affordable electronics, and luxurious jewellery, among many other items available. While these products are wonderful, it may frustrating for those who wish to buy but do not have the money to up front. Luckily, Very is a shopping catalogue company that provides customers the beneficial service of paying for things on credit.

When purchasing from the Very shopping catalogue you will have the option to buy now pay later. This option is beneficial to those who are frustrated by having to wait to buy the things they want because they do not have the money to pay the upfront cost. Buying on credit allows customers to purchase things when they need them without having to worry about forking up the money upfront. Rather than waiting paycheck to paycheck, buying on credit allows you to pay, typically in monthly installations, without having to put up any more up front.

The Buy Now Pay Later is a popular option for customers wishing to spread out their paymennts on things they may not necessarily be able to afford at the moment of purchase. This option works by delaying the interest fees on the products purchased on credit. Customers may browse from all sections of the store when wishing to pay using this option. In order to qualify for this option; however, customers must exceed a minimum amount of 100 Euros on the qualifying order. When checking out, customers can take advantage of this order by clicking on the “Buy Now Pay Later” button on the checkout screen or by typing 22X4L in the promotional code box on the check out page. Billing statements will then be sent every 28 days which will contain the information necessary to keep you informed about your payments.

The Buy Now Pay Later option is available until 2013 on orders of 100 Euros or more. This offer runs for 12 months. Interest will be added from the date or purchase but will only reflect on the account until the first statement after the expiriation date of the deferred payment period. Customers can avoid paying interest by contacting the company and paying the cash price in full before the end of the deferred payment period. Delivery and installation charges are excluded from this offer.

You will be given the notification of your dues to pay every 28 days. The minimum payment will be needed to be paid monthly. This minimum payment will be due 20 days after the date of your statement and will be shown on your monthly statements. You will be required to pay 5 Euros or 7& of your account balance, whichever is higher, each month. You may choose to pay more, if you wish.

My Very review of the credit program is a positive one. If you are responsible and have the ability to pay for the things you are purchasing, either by having a steady income or money in your bank, you should be able to purchase things from Very with ease and without financial worry or issue.