Woolworths is one of the UK catalogues that gives their customers multiple ways to pay for their purchases and two of them happen to be their pay monthly and pay weekly options that are available through their Woolworths pay weekly/pay monthly program. It is very easy for anyone to get started with either option and the best part is when you start an account they even have a code available that will allow you to take 10% off your order in addition to their already low prices. However, they do have certain items that are excluded from the discount code usage but overall it is a great deal. With today’s economical climate, weekly payment stores like Woolworths are one of the best places to shop for anyone who finds it difficult to save.

Usually, when people are first beginning their account for the Woolworths pay weekly/pay monthly program they can expect their credit limit to be no more than 1000. However, Woolworths does offer you three different ways that you are allowed to pay back your balance. First, you have the option of paying a minimum low monthly payment. Second, you can pay back your balance in three months and end up paying no interest on it. Lastly, you have the option to pay any amount that you choose as long as it covers your full minimum payment costs. For example, you can pay off your entire balance every month or week if you choose to do so.

Overall, Woolworths is already viewed as one of the one stop shops yet when they added in the Woolworths pay weekly/pay monthly plan they made their name become even more reputable. Woolworths is one of the companies that understands everyone is not always going to have the full amount of money for the items that they need and they wanted to help insure that families do not have to go without because of this little dilemma.